Dynamic Gait & Posture Analysis

This gait analysis system is based on professional-grade algorithms, which can dynamically collect basic data of the walker's foot and display the foot movement data in real time.

At present, This system is supported by millions of training data.

It is highly portable, and allow to collect the dynamic foot data without spacial limitations.

It uses biomechanics principles and big data to generate a data analysis model from the cloud algorithm system, and give the corresponding gait feature according to the status of a specific muscle group,It can also provide related solutions to body pain.

Gait Analysis In 1 Minute

A person's gait data could be detected and evaluated after walking 1 minute with the sensors attached insoles.

The sensor is connected to the application installed on the iPhone, iPad through Bluetooth. After 1 minute gait test, the gait report will be generated by the application.

It can visually display the relevant parameters of the swing/stance phase in the gait cycle. The dynamic analysis presents the data and COP trajectory of the entire test process. Step analysis compares the analysis of the left and right data.

Posture Analysis By Pictures Taking

At the same time, This is the only system in the world that can do gait and posture analysis in one system.

The posture analysis is done by taking pictures of a person, body imbalance posture can be detected through the computer vision technology.

Posture analysis is based on three-dimensional spatial data analysis, and automatically recognizes the key points of the human body’s eyes, ears, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, etc. to comprehensively judge body posture

Core Technology

Computer Vision Technology

New Sensing Technology

Artificial Intelligence Big Data Technology

Product Details

PC, iPhone

Cloud Server


Product features

Ipad Wireless transmission of data

Multi-terminal synchronization management

Intelligent and efficient evaluation

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